Walk that Talk

It’s a cliché, but ironically we cannot express with words how important communication is. Whether you are communicating with your partner, your colleagues, your family, your boss or your clients, it’s crucial to have an adjusted form of communication with every single person you talk to. Why? Because people don’t remember what you say, they remember how you said it.

Sweet memories

Now, I hear you thinking, ‘If people apparently don’t listen to me, why would I even bother?’. Well, us, people, have two types of memories: short-term memory and long-term memory. Everything we hear and see enters our brain via our short-term memory, where we only hold on to a memory for a few seconds up to a minute. When we decide that information is important enough to hold onto for any longer, we place it in our long-term memory. This process takes a lot of effort and has limited capacity. Therefore, when you’re speaking with people and you want the conversation to become a long-term memory, you have to be extra kind, have powerful speeches and most importantly: KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).

The influence of physical space

You might think it doesn’t matter where you are, yet, the setting is very important for the mood of the receiving end of your communication-partner. When you work at an office, normally everyone has their own desk with their belongings on it, and this marks their territory. As this space feels safe to someone, invading this space can come across as invading someone’s privacy. As a result, this will not benefit your relationship with this person. However, at Spaces, we have created a concept that makes this impossible to do so. When you share a co-working space, there are no fixed seats and most probably, you’ll sit on a different spot or maybe even a different location every day. Because of this, you’ll have a different view and diverse atmosphere every day, stimulating the brain and allowing it to open up to receiving information.

Keep above information in mind when you’re at one of our next events, exploring one of our business clubs, or trying out one of our new locations where you can socialize with colleagues and network with other Spaces members or tenants. This way your message will stick and new (business) opportunities will arise.

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