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Increase Your Visibility in the Work Place

Visibility in the Workplace

The way we view productivity in the workplace is continuously changing. Currently we work in an era where we mainly want to experience freedom. Consequently the space in which we work changes. The past decade we changed from fixed work spots to flexible working. More and more companies are opting for having people work from external locations. But if you’re not working in the office anymore, how do you ensure that you’re still being seen?


A loose connection between employer and employee is a product of the contemporary mindset. Employers cannot stay away from allowing their employees a sense of freedom. Time and place are becoming less important criteria to which the productivity of employees is being judged. This will sound like music to the ears of many. But what does this mean in reality? Will more freedom in the workplace lead to happier employees by default?


What does your office look like? Do you have a fixed spot or can you choose where, how and next to whom you want to work? Or do you work outside of the office most of the time? The unfolding share economy makes us more used to sharing. This also applies for our work space. Innovative companies ensure that their employees feel free, that there are creative and dynamic areas to work, collaborate and seclude oneself. This asks for new ways of making yourself known.


Ok, so you’re ambitious but how do you ensure that you’ll be noticed without shouting your ambitions from the rooftop? Delivering quality work is no longer sufficient for being seen. It is your own responsibility to have your added value stand out. Step one is to have your eye on your objectives. Work towards these. Next, carefully select a modest yet effective strategy. Don’t be afraid to show your results to the right people. Always come well prepared when there are meetings and be clear in your communication. And last but not least, don’t forget to socialise. Make sure that you attend the after works drinks every once in a while and talk to your seniors and peers.

We have a vast programme of events to help you get yourself seen and heard.

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