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Stop being so busy

With people feeling busier than ever, it is not strange that there are many tips, tricks, advices, books, blogs and more to read on how to cope. Tony Crabbe is a business psychologist who shares his psychological research and applies it, giving you practical strategies that will help you relax, unwind and experience less busyness.

Here are his tips in a nutshell:

  1. Stop managing your time!
    Time management makes you fragment your time, making your time even scarcer instead of using it fully.
  2. Stop being so productive!
    This is aimed at people who value their work by producing a lot, by responding quickly to emails but in fact “rampant productivity is a weak substitute for genuine impact and differentiation; the things that matter in the information economy.”
  3. Stop justifying busy
    If you feel that you’re busy and when you let that busyness lead you and place that above your relationships, you create strained relationships.
  4. Stop having so many friends!
    Think about your friends on your social media, how many of them have you actually seen in real live recently? How many of them do you actually invite for your birthday? Focus on your real friends and stop investing time in your virtual friends.

Want get more tips and hands-on advice to be less busy? Check out Busy.

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