Stay fit to stay sharp – why working out works

Physical health

Still struggling to get rid of those pesky belly fats, love handles or the remainder of the weight put on during the holidays? Besides eating regularly and healthy while staying mindful of important factors like sleep, the obvious answer to destroy the extra chub is to get a good workout. But destroying body fat is not all a good workout does, it deeply influences our physical health, which in return affects everything we do in our daily lives. Here’s exactly why staying in shape should be on top of your mind if you want to lay down an optimal performance at and after work every single day.

Benefits of being in Shape

Putting a couple hours a week into your physical health greatly diminishes the chances of getting sick, whether it’s something as simple as catching a common cold, the flu or a more serious condition like a cardiovascular disease. Why this benefits your job and your personal life goes without saying, but that’s not all it does. By working out, your stamina greatly increases. This leaves you feeling more energetic throughout the day and ready to handle the tasks assigned to you without feeling tired doing so. Increasing your stamina and achieving better physical health is the best productivity boost you can give yourself, as you’ll become able to be sharper, more focused, and ready for more once work is done.

Healthy body, Healthy Mind

It’s not just the physical health factor that benefits greatly from working out regularly. Staying fit can help greatly in combatting stress, anxiety and clearing your mind, improving mental health in the same go. A good workout session can cause your body to release endorphins, the neurotransmitters that make you feel happier, relieve stress and provide a natural painkiller at the same time. Sounds pretty good right? That’s because they actually have similar effects to various drugs, without the downsides. Experiencing stress less frequently will allow for better results altogether. It will allow you to be more mindful at work, and prevents sickness at the same time. Sounds like a plan.

It is often said that our body is a temple. Meaning that you should treat it with the respect and dignity it deserves. If you require a daily peak performance, investing a little amount of your time to get fit is the way you’ll want to go. Combine this with a healthy diet and you’re ready to perform your best at the office. Looking for a way of combining work with a good workout? Check out our event page to see what your Spaces has to offer. 

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