Spaces Showcase

For our very first Spaces showcase at Spaces Herengracht we proudly present the workd of Alexandra Hunts. We asked this young photographer about the inspiration for her work.

“In my work I try to understand what photography is and to see how photography can go being its definition. i am like a sculptor or installation artist who uses photography as a tool. The medium of photography allows me to create new connections between forms of communication and expression of the self. Many of my projects deal with the landscape or how landscape should be understood today. I try to explore philosophical questions on the nature and contemporary practice of photography. My fascination for nature unconsciously in my childhood in the infinite forests and fields of Ukraine, and later in the Netherlands, where nature is completely manipulated and controlled by the human.

“Friction between nature and culture has also intrigued me for several years. I am charmed by the fight between human interpretation, perception and experience of the surroundings and the reality itself, and by the role of art in this fight. Photography allows me to create my own reality which is based on the real world.”

Spaces Showcase opened on Friday 7th of February with an artist talk hosted by Annegret Kellner, Assistant Curator of KRC Capital Art Collection. The collection of Alexandra will be on display till the end of March at Spaces Herengracht.

Come and view her work at Herengracht 124-128, Amsterdam, and check out Alexandra’s website.

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