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Meet Karim, speaker at The School of Life

Karim Benammar

He is the author of Abundance (2005) and Reframing – The Art of Thinking Differently (2012). Over the last ten years or so, Karim has applied the Reframing methodology for companies in the banking, insurance, technology, translating and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as for governments, educational institutions, architects and theatre producers. This makes Karim the go-to person for thinking out-of-the-box company solutions. Whatever sector your company’s in, Karim’s been there, done that, and even got the t-shirt.

On March 2nd, Dr. Karim Benammar, PhD, will be a speaker during The School of Life: The Art Of Thinking Differently event at the Vijzelstraat. He is a philosopher specialised in transformative thinking. In other words: through mental athletics he re-shapes and reorganises your mind, making mental knots untie.

As a speaker for companies and organisations, he holds lectures and workshops. This time he will do so  in connection with The School Of Life, which is an Amsterdam-native philosophical concept. Given the fact that Karim has studied philosophy in England, the United States and Japan, as well as having taught and directed research, makes him the absolute authority on the matter.

Whether it’s a mental block, of a lack of ideas that’s bothering you, Karim’s way of thinking will teach you how to look past your difficulties. You’ll be able to think in terms of solutions and opportunities, instead of conflict. Most people live their lives without ever realising just how much our assumptions impact everything we do. His insights will shake the very foundation of your mind by radically experimenting with these assumptions, making your life very different after The School Of Life event.

The School of life believes that 3000 years of philosophical history provides us with a treasure trove of insights and knowledge to help us do better in our daily lives. Their programs offer a variety of old and new philosophies that can be used to broaden your perspectives (or narrow them down when necessary).

Unfortunately The School Of Life event is sold-out (but definitely don’t let that stop you from looking it up here). If you are missing out, don’t be sad. We expect to welcome The School Of Life more often in the future.

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