Legal Breakfast Meeting

Legal Breakfast Meeting, Schonewille & Schinewille, Spaces Vijzelstraat

Last Thursday, 19th February, Spaces Vijzelstraat hosted a very successful, interactive breakfast meeting. The meeting was delivered by Schonewille & Schonewille, a legal mediation firm, whose theme was how to resolve issues within your team by communicating in effective and resolute ways, fixing problems and finding solutions before reaching the point of mediation.

The presentation was delivered seamlessly, with a sincerity of purpose and genuine energy, creating a concentrated sense of dynamism within the group and a readiness to learn. A continental breakfast complemented the event, whilst kicking off with the reading of a fictitious case about a group’s dynamic within a company. Each of the personas had an overview of their professional history, along with their recent issues within the company.  It was for the breakfast meeting group to decide with whom the issues lay and why the team was not functioning properly – who was responsible for the lack of cohesion?

The two session leaders of the meeting gave an informative explanation on the possibilities and ways in which to fix the team, by using the tool Team Fix, providing the steps they would take with the group. This meeting was about taking proactive steps to arrive at pragmatic solutions. Rather than merely focusing on the emotional side of poor communication and group dynamic, it was all about resolving issues and providing effective solutions, focusing on the consequences of the group in a positive yet practical way.

If you would like to join us at any of our future breakfast meetings and more, you can find details of all upcoming events on our events page and the Spaces app.

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