How to Keep Your Employees Happy Without Giving Them a Raise

Cómo mantener a tus empleados

A healthy company has a happy and productive staff. But how do you keep your staff productive, engaged and loyal? Funnily, it’s not a raise.  Many studies have shown that high job satisfaction comes from many other factors and that salary isn’t the driving factor.

We share 11 secrets from Business News Daily to keep your staff happy without busting your HR budget.

Be open and transparent about the financial state of the company.

Ensure that your staff go home on time and focus on productivity instead of working hours.

Having an area where casual conversation is possible, stimulates bonding and will make people feel at ease.

Invest in  training and coaching, give your employees room to grow and develop.

When employees go the extra mile, make sure you recognise and it give attention to it.

Have free office fruit, stimulate exercise or find other ways to boost employee health.

“Many employees feel that a flooded inbox and a constant string of meetings waste time and hinder productivity. Replace some of those emails and meetings with technology that helps them save time and collaborate more efficiently.” – Sydney Sloan, director of customer and social marketing at Jive

Have special perks for your employees, like free barista  coffee, gym memberships or other special deals.

Bond with your employees, whether it is a one-on-one meeting or an after-work drink, make sure that you make a connection.

Give your employees room for free thinking and contributing to the company by listening to their ideas.

“The best benefit you can provide to your employees is the opportunity to make a difference through their work and help guide the course of the company. Benefits such as clear and frequent communication on company happenings, individual and department direction, and big-picture company direction make all the difference in employee happiness.” Anthony Smith, CEO and founder of Insightly

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