How a network of offices helps employees feel comfortable at work

As teams of colleagues hope to reunite soon, helping them swap their commute for a Spaces closer to home may be just the mental boost they need

After months of working from home, we’re all looking for some headspace, a physical boundary between where we live and work. At the same time, a long commute to a city-centre headquarters might feel like too big a step.

To ensure employees feel supported at work, employers need to cultivate working conditions that feel manageable for where we are right now. It’s about easing into a working routine that feels ‘right’.

The challenge is to reconnect a team after months of remote working, while taking the gentle, one-step-at-a-time approach that some employees will need. And the answer could lie in a network of satellite offices – hiring private workspace at various locations outside of city centres for small groups of staff, closer to where they live.

Here’s how flexible office space could benefit your team:

A change of scene, without the epic journey
A lengthy commute on public transport feels overwhelming for many people at the moment – if even possible. A ten-minute drive, cycle, walk or eScooter ride to a local flexspace location, however, is doable – and even appealing – and an ideal transition while employees get used to making the journey to work again when it’s back on the table.

Easing into a new working routine
Having access to local flexible workspace gives professionals a much-needed break from homeworking. It’s a chance to draw a line between months spent within the same four walls, with little to no boundaries between where employees work and where they relax. With flexible workspace, employees can gradually reset the balance of their daily routine at a pace that they feel comfortable with.

Feeling more productive and inspired
A new workspace ignites our motivation – it marks a fresh new chapter. It’s important to choose a space that has plenty of natural light, great design and, of course, social distancing measures in place to inspire a sense of safety, productivity and creativity. By removing the distractions of being at home, staff can get their heads down for uninterrupted, focused working in an optimised environment, and one that’s pretty good looking, too.

Being close to their other commitments in their local area
Having flexible workspace in a handy location actually helps people get on with their day. For example, for parents, it provides a sanctuary to get things done in between the school drop-off and pick-up. For others, it ties in with a trip to the supermarket, or an end-of-the day gym session. It’s about giving your team a third space that they can drop into that blends seamlessly with where they need to be (rather than somewhere more than an hour away). It means more employees feel able to participate and regroup with their colleagues, which is crucial if you’re striving for a diverse, compassionate working culture.

A safe, social atmosphere
For employees, knowing that they have a dedicated desk in a professional atmosphere – paired with carefully curated communal spaces – will give them the social interaction they’ve been missing, with the right number of people to feel safe. And for employers, investing in facilities that enhance the mental health of their employees – somewhere easily accessible, where they can feel like a team again – can only ever be a wise move.

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