First Spaces arrives in Ohio to meet the growing demand for US coworking spaces.

Spaces opens in Ohio to meet the growing US demand

Similar to the global demand for coworking spaces, the market in the US is experiencing a growing demand. In a recent report by IWG, analysts forecasted the US economy to potentially experience a 4.5 trillion dollar boost as a direct result of coworking offices promoting agile working.  Tying in with the growing demand, Spaces opened its long-awaited first Ohio location in Cincinnati.

Historic opportunity in a historical environment

Spaces Over The Rhine is a brand-new coworking hotspot that has landed in the buzzing heart of Cincinnati. With a 12-year lease in place, local entrepreneurs and businesses from all industries can benefit from our global community.  Taking into account the 41.000 square feet of office space, it will provide space for businesses of any size. The largest portion of the recently opened Spaces is reserved as office space, but with over 400 dedicated desks reserved for coworking, and 5000 square feet of communal areas in the business club,  this location provides a comfortable place to work for all.

The wide variety of different spaces, both private and public, provide our members with different nooks for completing any type of task. Throw in the quintessentially-Spaces in-house café deli with barista-made coffee, spacious meeting rooms and terraces packed with greenery to find a place that lets its users seize any opportunity.

Downtown downtime

At Spaces, added value isn’t always necessarily perceived in the property alone. Each and every location is placed strategically near transportation hubs, important landmarks and other places of local relevance. This is no different for Spaces Over The Rhine. The exciting area around the office facilitates business growth and promotes connecting with local business and entrepreneurs alike.

This is seen closely from the outside, as the building is wedged in between the other historic properties on the corner of 15th and Vine. Incorporating the materials and structures found in the surrounding neighbourhood, this location blends in effortlessly whilst standing out. It combines classic architecture and modern design, inspiring to follow the path of the artists and artisans that have resided at the Over The Rhine district for the past 120 years.

Promoting coworking in Ohio

If Cincinnati isn’t really your thing, we’ve got more Ohio locations coming up. Spaces Short North in Columbus is expected to open its doors for business next month. Located right next to the central business district, it puts you at just under 15 minutes from the Columbus International Airport – ideal for the modern business nomad.

Ohio is the 22nd state in the US to welcome Spaces, and we’re aiming to open in all of them. Until then, there’s always a desk with your name on it at any one of our other Spaces locations

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