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The unfiltered adventure from Attractive World to Shapr – Ludovic Huraux

Reaumur Event

Being passionate about entrepreneurship, Ludovic Hureaux defied all odds and made the big jump from dreamer to innovator at only 24 years old. In 2017 he launched a website which would become a true success story: Attractive World – a meeting site for single men. Learn how Ludovic manoeuvres at the helm of the company as a sector leader until the sale to the German Affinitas Group. Without ever realising it, Ludovic constructed his life around the meetings, the successes, and the opportunities ever since the very beginning. Because of this philosophy, Attractive World because a huge succes and the Shapr DNA was born: Meet inspiring people and shape your life.

Conference and dedicated session by Ludovic Huraux at Spaces Réaumur.



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