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TEDxRotterdam and Spaces “Speak Your Mind”

On the 27th of September 2016, TEDxRotterdam and Spaces Hofplein are organizing an inspiring side event, dedicated to women. The theme: “Speak Your Mind”

What can you expect? 

We will present four strong and high-profile female speakers who will talk about a subject that seems to be increasingly important: “Speak Your Mind”

During the past years, we have learned about personal branding, how to empower, how to share and how to stand up for our rights.  What did these topics bring us in 2016? Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? Are you the person you can and want to be?

TEDxRotterdam will not be the only one asking these questions – attendees of this event will also be given the opportunity to ask each other questions.  In short, do you have the tools you need to be and become the best of you?

How to sign up?

We have limited seats available, so make sure you register in time. Please sign up via this website before September 5. This event is free, but we do work with a no-show fee of €25.

All attendees will receive a personal invitation no later than September 9. This is your entrance ticket.

Partners of this event: Spaces and SmartUp Network

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