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How To Protect Your Data?

After years of discussion, the new EU data The GDPR will be directly applicable in all Member States of the EU as of 25 May 2018. That might sounds like you can lean back, right?

Wrong…The changes that the GDPR will bring are complicated and their effect on individuals and business that process personal data will truly be massive.

To name just a few novelties you might have to deal with

  • Expanded territorial reach
  • Accountability and privacy by design
  • Assigning designated Data Privacy Officers
  • The right to rectification, to erasure and ‘to be forgotten’
  • The right to data portability from one service provider to another

During this morning meeting Legal expert and Spaces member Bernard O’Herne will explain the new GDPR and what it means for you and the way you do business. Join in and ask everything you want to know about Data Protection.

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