Amsterdam Talks Tech // The Food Waste Edition

One third of all food worldwide is thrown away, left uneaten and unused, forcing us to come up with innovative solutions for dealing with the food waste problem. That’s why we’ve invited the industry shakers, futurists and environmental pioneers who are paving the way towards a circular and sustainable economy together.


Freke van Nimwegen // Co-founder Instock

Food waste happens everywhere, but the main culprits are supermarkets and other producers, that’s where Instock comes in. Bulk-buying leftover and blemished products, they have a kitchen full of chefs who are turning it into restaurant-worthy culinary creations. Having saved around 700.000 kilos worth of food from being binned, it’s safe to say that it’s a ragingly sustainable success.

Joost Rietveld // Managing Director Too Good To Go Netherlands

Too good to go offers one of the most fun ways to combat the world food waste problem. How? It lets you order leftover food from restaurants and supermarkets, but you don’t know what you’re ordering. By ordering one of these Magic Boxes, you’re both surprising yourself and saving the world.

Helen Kranstauber // Co-founder and Partner Food Cabinet

Food Cabinet is a campaigning agency working for a sustainable future for food-related systems. Using campaigns, activation, events and programs, they aim to inspire people to make the right decisions. By using their combined knowledge, this vast network of creative thinkers with a joint passion for food shows the world that change is possible.

Rick Reesen // Innovation Lead & Blockchain Strategy Consultant at IBM

What if there was a technology that allowed farmers, distributors and grocers fully plan out the food supply and demand chain, from field to plate? Well, that’s exactly what IBM is aiming for with their IBM Food Trust digital ledger. Utilising blockchain and IoT technologies, they want to turn the food supply chain upside down by providing more accurate demand calculations, better inventory management and more world-changing solutions.

Olaf van der Veen // Co-founder Zero Foodwaste

As the co-founder of the Zero Foodwaste initiative, Olaf is working hard to eliminate food waste altogether. Zero Foodwaste allows restaurants to completely eliminate food waste, by carefully analysing photos of the food going to waste. This allows restaurants to efficiently plan out their procurement so that no food is wasted.


6pm // Dinner bites and drinks
7pm // Two blocks with talks and Q&A
9pm // More drinks

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