We don’t have to live life as a metaphor: Rethinking Work

One problem about today’s world is that we are brainwashed into believing, and openly accepting our minds work in one way or the other. This edition of TSOL x Spaces is a chance to undermine what we’re forced to know, and stick to, and hopefully open your eyes to a new way of working; a creative way of working. Who’s to say Sally from finance couldn’t transform her team with a little creative shake?

Living lives like the divide in our brain.

The approach that most of us take on our daily lives, be it family time or work, is often a gigantic metaphor for the hemispheres in our brain. A complete lateral divide in which lefties are logical and the righties are the creative. Just like modern research on the brain shows it’s not quite as lateral as we first thought, The School of Life are here to shed light on how us leftie logical thinkers need not to shy away in all things creative. In a world in which spare time is at a minimum, it’s amazing what a little re-thinking can have.

A note on creativity

It comes as no surprise that many of us may shudder at the thought of all things creative. Creativity doesn’t have to mean forcing it upon ourselves to visit a gallery or a writer’s workshop every fortnight. It’s about having an open mind, striving for originality and allowing our imagination to get the better of us at times. That’s not to say we have to have our head in the clouds 6 hours a day, but hey, who knows what you may find up there?

All it needs is a little spark.

And our spark is Frits Philips. On February 13th, the creative mastermind joins us from The School of Life to help us reimagine the way we think, and combine our thoughts and ideas in a way that veers from the ‘norm’. He will teach us that it’s okay not to go by the book all the time, and the bounds of benefits that creativity can achieve. Grab your ticket here!



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