Behind the scenes at the new Spaces Napa

The coworking brand has launched a new retail concept in the live, work and play area of Downtown Napa, California

What if where we lived, shopped, dined and socialised was also where we worked? That’s the question posed by the new Spaces Napa Valley, opened in March 2021, the first of a new wave of Spaces flexible working venues that will open among retail complexes, in lifestyle-focused locations.

Tapping into the future of the life/work balance and the emerging concept of life unfolding in one place – a ‘15-minute city’ – the new Spaces is set in the exciting, mixed-use First Street Napa development in Downtown Napa. Rather than occupying a traditional office building or commercial complex, it’s encircled by 130,000sq ft of boutiques and concept stores championing local artisans and designers, as well as restaurants and a boutique hotel, The Archer, with a popular rooftop terrace.

The addition of a Spaces to Downtown Napa makes it a true ‘live, work and play’ zone – as well as hosting digital nomads and wine industry professionals passing through the area, it’ll allow Napa’s locals and second-homers to work closer to home, reducing their commute and boosting the local area’s economy in the process. This new generation of Spaces venues will help move the future of work towards being in a convenient location, close to healthcare, childcare, gyms and social scenes.

Cutting edge in design, with ergonomic furniture, private areas, adjustable-height desks, meeting rooms and 24-hour access – as well as the option of a virtual office – Spaces Napa Valley has already proved a welcome addition to this entrepreneurial state and its Bay Area business scene.

The state-of-the-art, 21,000sq ft facility is also one of Spaces’ greenest openings yet, designed with 90% recyclable or sustainable materials, and a view to offering commuters into San Francisco or Silicon Valley (each around an hour’s drive away) a more local but still high-spec base from which to work. Reducing the commute is a big focus for both employers and employees post-pandemic, reaping benefits in terms of both carbon-saving measures and employee satisfaction.

In the coming months, a full programme of networking and member events – currently running virtually – will start up, to encourage mingling and collaboration among users. Until then, immaculate hygiene and distancing measures are in place at the centre, including socially-distanced workspaces and one-way corridor systems.

“Like many other major cities, an influx of residents moved from the Bay Area during the pandemic, and Silicon Valley companies responded quickly by committing to long-term remote and hybrid work models,” says Wayne Berger, CEO, The Americas at IWG. “Based on the local demand and availability of prime, centralised retail space, we knew Napa was the ideal location to launch our new concept. This shift will infuse new life to suburban and rural areas, bringing a multitude of benefits to companies and employees alike.”

Guess what? With a Spaces membership, you can work from any one of our locations around the world. Check out our location page to find your nearest Spaces

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