At Spaces we offer offices for companies of all sizes. You can brand your office in your own house identity. All contract terms are based on flexibility. Whether you need a 25 square meter office or 700 square meters for a studio, Spaces has the possibilities. At Spaces you can fully focus on your core business. We have a very friendly and personal reception desk to welcome your business relations and customers. Our in-house ICT partner can get you up and running in no-time. Want to know more about renting at Spaces? GET MORE INFO HERE.


Rocket Fuel

Renting an office at Spaces entails:

  1. Joining a group of successful and interesting entrepreneurs
  2. Access to all Spaces locations from 8 – 18.00
  3. 24/7 access to your office
  4. Flexible sqm footage and flexible rental terms
  5. Easy and quick start
  6. Beautiful social area to work and invite guests
  7. Ability to create your own brand identity
  8. Including services like reception and mail handling
  9. ICT needs customized to your demands
  10. Access to all kind of services like leasing furniture, storage, meeting rooms, parking; and you only pay for what you use.

Read more on how to get your office, here.

When you are interested in renting your own office at Spaces, please contact us so we can show you around and tell you all about our capacity, possibilities, services, rates and office sizes.

When you don’t need an office of your own but still want a professional and inspiring place to work and enjoy all services and the interesting network of Spaces, become a member.

Want to know more about how already joined Spaces? Here are our current tenants and video testimonials.

Services & energy charges

Service charges includes cleaning the office space, common space areas and toilets, reception services, security, 24/7 access to your own office, BHV, technical building maintenance and energy. The pantries on the office floors are equipped with a dishwasher.


A beautifully designed shared social heart on the ground floor of each location to work and meet.

The best coffees in our own Cafe Deli on each location, with lots of delicious pastries and croissants.

Each location has its own parking facilities for you and your guests.

Each location has a wide variety of meeting rooms, suitable for any type of meeting.

Delicious salads, soups, sandwiches, juices and smoothies prepared fresh every day.

Spaces organizes lots of events, open to all members and tenants, to get connected.


We have our own ICT department available on each location to help you with any issues.

We have a shared copy room to use for printing, copying and scanning and also a little office supply shop with all work essentials.

We have lovely one of a kind receptionists to assist you on smaller work emergencies and welcome your guests and help them on their way.

In our mail room we collect all your incoming mail and packages. We can also send out your regular mail and packages.

For all your larger work materials or bulk you can rent some extra storage so you can keep it close to the office but not in sight.

Take your mind of work and stay inspired with our little luxuries like newspapers, magazines, massages, yoga, monthly drinks, parties...