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Spaces Keizersgracht / Olanda people working on a laptop and a woman walking by
Spaces El Bosque Norte 200 / Chile front desk with people behind computer and a red walker on the ground
Spaces Zuidas / Olanda Front desk with woman sitting behind it on computer and a man walking up the stairs with art on the walls
Spaces West Regent Street / Regno Unito people working on computer and writing on paper with books in the bookshelves behind them
Spaces Hennessy Road / Hong Kong people working and reading
Spaces Ny Carlsberg Vej / Danimarca coffee bar with a woman ordering coffee from a man
Spaces Amstel / Olanda front desk with people working behind computer and in the background people are working together and people are walking by

Ti offriamo un ambiente di lavoro stimolante animato da un forte spirito imprenditoriale.

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