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[email protected] Barcelona Toastmasters – Public Speaking


Do you want to conquer your fear of speaking in public? Would you like to learn how to persuade people with your arguments and give your self-confidence a real boost? Do you want to improve your communication and leadership skills?

At Toastmasters, we hold meetings every two weeks where we practice speeches using the Toastmasters methodology. A session would normally include 2 short speeches and 2 or 3 improvised speeches. We evaluate ourselves and give constructive feedback to keep improving the sessions and the speeches.

We invite you to try one of our sessions for free so that you can see how we work and then, little by little, your public speaking will improve and your confidence will grow.

Join us at [email protected] Barcelona Toastmasters Club on Wednesday 28st at 1.15pm. Please confirm your attendance the day before the meeting, the latest.

You can get your meal at our nice Cafeteria.

Event is held in English/Spanish.

You can contact us at [email protected]

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