Why meeting face to face is everything.

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Nowadays, when you’re meeting someone, you’re often not really meeting someone. Why? We’ll explain.

Get on board

If you’re a business(wo)man, you most likely traveling a lot to meet potential, new or old clients. When you do so, it often happens by train. Now, if you look around you in the train – you’re pretty much guaranteed to see that 90% of the people are either spending time on their phone or on their laptop. And we get that. We really do. Time is money and traveling by train is time well spent, especially when you can get some work done in the meantime.
But have you ever considered that your next potential client can sit right next to you? Or that the person overhearing your conversation sitting across from you just might be your next client? And isn’t that what we all want, to spread our message to as many people as possible? In this case the point is: less phone time, more face time.

The Art of Conversation

At Spaces, we believe in the philosophy of taking a simple action; to turn around and say hello. Our Business Clubs are designed in such a way that they allow anyone to easily connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. A simple ‘How are you, what brings you here?’ is all you need to start an interesting and potentially promising conversation. Try it out sometimes and you’ll see that it will pay off.

Let’s get Physical

The same applies when you’re meeting your clientele. It doesn’t matter how many texts, emails, calls and Skype sessions you might have with someone, meeting someone face to face is the way to go. We cannot stress enough how important this is. When you have contact over the phone or any other device, you’re only a click away, probably making you one of many people he or she speaks to that day. To make sure your deal is not just a one-time-thing, you’ll have to make it personal. And how do you do that? Exactly: face to face time. Grab a killer-coffee, a healthy lunch or a refreshing drink. It doesn’t matter what you do, but do it face to face. And when it’s time to meet your clients to discuss important business, get a room. If someone has taken the time to respect the importance of your time together, you’ll notice their appreciation. Especially when your meeting is with multiple people.

Want to really meet someone? Interested in taking your relationship with your clients to the next level? Grab a drink with them at one of our many afterwork events. Time to talk business? Book a meeting room here.

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