Why design matters

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As we continue to evolve around social pressures, expectations and environmental changes we are also working in a time where design is becoming a big focus in our place of work. Not only do we try and look good, there’s even bigger urge to feel good too. Often at the heart of that, is appreciating things that look a little more than lovely.

Mesmerised by the media

One thing that we can all agree on is that media glorifies everything. The power of paid social posts and a space for people to gloat only adds to the individual need for us to fit in and out-do each other. Design is now more accessible than ever, and we’re often faced in a battle of comparison for self worth.  When you hear Steve babbling on about his cool office space and how great his Friday drinks are on his Instagram story, you start to wonder why you’re the one that’s left swamped in a dull dreary office that leaves you uninspired and slightly bitter.

There’s more to good design than good looks

When you first think of swanky office spaces many people are drawn to think these innovative spaces are left to the likes of Google and Facebook, and that shouldn’t be the case. We’re often over-informed about their huge budgets that accommodate adult play areas and fancy drink machines but the key to good design is making things look great whilst serving people’s needs even better. Not only should good design allow your staff for work-station alternatives and a space to turn their thinking caps on, it also needs to serve the purpose of how you want to be perceived. Good design should be an extension of your companies ethos. More and more companies are beginning to realise how small changes to visual aesthetic can have a big impact on satisfaction and productivity.

Maintain focus

The concept of design in office is quite juxtaposed. Whilst a delightful desk space amongst an indoor green-house offers a nice escape  for a min afternoon day dream, they also act as a means of encouraging your team to want to work. A study conducted by Exeter University found that workers were up to 15% more productive with an office jungle, in comparison to their lifeless counterparts. Office jobs can be strenuous on your mind, but also on your muscles. Uncomfortable spaces will result in your team becoming disengaged with a lack of drive. Nurturing your office to the needs of your staff can reap benefits, if your office space is optimised for working, your automatically optimising skills for success. All purpose designed offices are driven by research. Finding out what people want should drive the basis of your design choices. If people are getting bogged down from the constant hum of Skype meetings, then your office space needs to set a spot aside for calls or maybe an area to take 5 minutes to clear your head.

For us at Spaces there’s no elephant in our spaces when it comes to design. Check out our new openings to see if there’s an office suitable for you to feast your eyes and ideas on.

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