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Who’s your caddy?

Golf Tournament

Grabbing your 9-iron and chasing that ball down the hole may sound like a real badass thing to do, but golf is actually the perfect game of sophistication and creating new business opportunities. And that’s exactly the reason why each year, Spaces organises a golf tournament in the Netherlands for the Spaces community (and maybe a bit because it sounds so badass). But all jokes aside, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know new people who share the love of the game and want to do some networking.

What does this one do?

 This year’s edition is bound to be filled with stories of business successes, networking highlights and golf fails, because let’s be honest; unless you’re a wintered veteran of golf-inspired business trips and meetings, no one’s honestly good at the game. But who cares, it only adds to the mystery and fun surrounding it.

Find your caddy

Anyone who’s been through their first couple of games, knows that you have all these differently sized and shaped clubs to smack that ball with, but what effect each one will add to your swing is usually a complete mystery. So, you just wing it. And you finish your round, thinking; “Was it good, was it bad, what the hell just happened?!”. And that’s basically a summary for everyone’s first round of golf. And after your first try, you decide you need a caddy. Someone who knows their stuff, knows how to guide your strategy through the field and someone who’s ready to help you secure your victory. And after a few more rounds, you’re getting the hang of it. Starting to see the connection?

The perfect match

Golf is business. Simple as that. Your first try may have gone along horribly, but as the experience grows, so does the success. And when you’re a bit lost, you just need your caddy to come pick you up, give you the push you need to go forward, and take home the win. A golf tournament is where you meet your caddy, you do some networking, talk business, and you find your match. Next thing you know you’re successful business partners, and you’re actually playing the game because you’re getting good at it.

There’s still time to  secure your spot in the 2018 Spaces golf tournament, so hurry up and just maybe you’ll find your caddy this Friday, June 29th. 

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