Up & Coming Spaces Locations in May

Last month, we’ve been busy adding final touches, installing decorations and making preparations for the exciting month that has just begun. May is the month where it all comes together, with more than ten exciting new locations opening all over the world. This is what’s on the menu.

Spaces Hung Sheng, Taipei, Taiwan

Proudly presenting our very first location in Taiwan, Spaces Hung Sheng is sure to impress. With its high-rise location in the booming Zhongshan District, success becomes easy. Offering almost two square kilometres of office in the heart of Taipei, Hung Sheng is sure to have an office space for you. And  that’s not all it offers, as the surrounding areas are filled with vibrant parks, museums and temples – excellent for taking a break in between your busy business hours. Simply hop on the metro to get around town and find your way back.

Spaces City National Plaza, Los Angeles, USA

Claim your rightful place in the LA skyline with Spaces City National Plaza. Quite literally so as the neighbourhood is filled with landmarks that make for LA’s world-famous skyline. Being right at the heart of LA’s booming financial district opens a lot of doors for networking and taking your business to the next level, and that’s where we come in. With 7 buzzing locations in downtown LA, expanding your network is as easy at taking the bus or hopping on the metro.

Spaces Park Calabasas, Calabasas, USA

Ahh Calabasas, home to countless celebrities, enormous mansions and beautiful wide open spaces. And Spaces of course!  Right off the 101, you’ll find Spaces Park Calabasas in between Woodland Hills and Malibu. This is the ultimate place to breathe in the fresh air, get some work done in our stunning open-air courtyard and experiencing what it feels like to work in one of the most exclusive areas in the world. Why not dig into some fine dining at the Calabasas Commons or unwind with a round of golf at the next door Country Club while you’re at it? Everything is possible at Spaces Park Calabasas.

Spaces Peter House, Manchester, UK

Calling all busy worker bees, Spaces is on the way. And we’re offering more than a creative beehive where you can grow your business right in the big city buzz. Located at Manchester’s main square, there’s always something happening here. Take your time to stroll through the multitude of shops, cultural sights and grab your networking lunch at one of the restaurants in the area.  The historical Spaces Peter House is the bright and booming new place to watch.

Spaces Oxford Circus, London, UK

Lucky number seven (and not to be confused with Oxford Street, although it is right around the corner). Spaces Oxford Circus is the seventh addition to the booming number of Spaces locations in London. Fully embracing the creative environment of the West End, our brand new location is sure to inspire. You’ll find many urban fashion brands, universities and the BBC Broadcasting House in the direct vicinity, providing the creative atmosphere your business has been waiting for.

Spaces Lewis Building, Birmingham, UK

Located in a fully-refurbished former department store, Spaces Lewis Building is the place Birmingham’s entrepreneurs have been waiting for. Combining our modern designer offices, creative meeting rooms and Amsterdam-esque vibe with gorgeous 19th century Victorian architecture, the building takes refurbishing to the next-level. Not only is it a great place to work, the colourful neighbourhood that surrounds Lewis Building is sure to give a boost to anyone who’s looking to grow their business in the UK’s second city.

Spaces Lochrin Square, Edinburgh, UK

And while we’re in the process of taking gorgeous UK architecture and giving it a modern-day makeover, we might as well mention Spaces Lochrin Square.  The building itself is a hybrid of modern day minimalistic design, and the grandeur of old. But the real USP of Spaces Lochrin Square has to be the view. Sitting right in the shadow of the Edinburgh Castle, it’s not a tough decision to choose for our first location in the capital city of Scotland. The centuries-old castle provides inspiration to both weathered entrepreneurs and fresh startups looking to change the Scottish business landscape.

Spaces South Docklands, Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, here we come! Opening up in one of the most exciting areas in the beautiful city of Dublin, Spaces South Docklands offers everything you need to grow your business in a setting that promotes innovation and creativity. Take a quick walk across the Samuel Beckett Bridge to find yourself in the heart of Dublin, where you’ll find Ireland’s national treasures and unlimited inspiration.

Spaces Green Plaza, Athens, Greece

We’ve only just opened our beautiful Ermou location, and we’re already going for number two. Spaces Green Plaza is right at the core of Athen’s Maroussi District, where Greece’s largest financial district is located. Being in close proximity to the Greek Olympic Sports Centre and the Olympic Stadium ensures motivation and a winning spirit for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. And what’s in a name; Green Plaza is a highly energy-efficient business hub, perfectly paving the way for growing your business in a conscious way.

Spaces Orbi Tower, Vienna, Austria

Vienna Calling! Towering over the competition, Spaces Orbi Tower offers beautiful office spaces in a newly constructed skyscraper in Vienna’s business district. It’s your gateway to success, with the international airport close by and the Belvedere Palace and the Erdberg district right around the corner. The sky is the limit at Spaces Orbi Tower.

Spaces Waterfall, Johannesburg, South Africa

Business is booming in Midrand. The gateway city for Johannesburg offers an ideal location for any business looking to settle in a continuously growing business hub in South Africa. Located in a prominent building (designer eye candy) in an area that offers the buzz and vibrance that goes with a metropolitan area, but has the lush green parks to let you unwind – perfect for establishing your next big business plan. Spaces Waterfall has it all.

Spaces Mile End, Montréal, Canada

Montréal just might be one of the cities to watch for growth. Having one of the most unique cultures of just about any North American city, Montréal is the place we’ve been wanting to go for a long time now. As the first Québécois location to open its doors, Spaces Mile End brings together art, media and tech-based companies, all into one inspiring blend of entrepreneurship.

That’s it for the new locations of this month, but next month we’ll be opening a whole new batch of locations worldwide. In the meantime, feel free to browse around our locations page to find your nearest Spaces location

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