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Think Global, Act Local


And vice versa. Combine the two, and you get GlobalTech.City. The founders of the movement  joined forces to make a fundamental change in the way city and civic problems are dealt with.  Using current trends in technology, problems arising in different sectors such as in mobility, sustainability, and many others are handled in a new and inclusive manner.

Worldwide network

They’ve created a platform that connects cities all over the world. Once the connection has been established, cities team up, share tech solutions, and face societal challenges together. A vital part of this is hosting monthly events where innovators and entrepreneurs get together with all kinds of people, from city officials and residents to investors, start-ups, scale-ups, or basically anyone who’s a part of the community. The high level of engagement makes for solutions that are just as unique as the concept itself.

Next in line: Rotterdam

The next city joining the ranks is Rotterdam. Because of the innovative nature of the city it was only a matter of time before it joined, so it’s safe to say we can expect a lot coming from it. Now that we’re only a day  away from the launch, the programme is looking complete and the first ever edition of a RotterdamTech.City event is promising to be exciting. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

  • Nuray Gokalp is one of the founders of GlobalTech.City. With years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, she knows how to face difficult challenges head on. She focuses on tech trends like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Open Data and Artificial Intelligence, and finds a way to integrate the tech into society, establishing the connection between tech and the community.
  • Jeroen Vonk is an innovator at NOVUM. You could say the company is a high-speed incubator for ideas. In a so-called design sprint-week, they access, create, test, and evaluate ideas in their innovation lab to create solutions in a week. No success? Rinse and repeat until there is.
  • Marjolein Bonnike is a project manager at LoCol. LoCol strives to increase sustainability and durability in – and together with – the community. By always involving everyone who’s involved, they make it their business to grow together, make smart energy more available, better, and cheaper.
  • Bert Vrijhoef, senior principal researcher at PANAXEA. The company works from the idea that patients should have more access to biomedical innovations, and tries to achieve this through a scientific approach. By continuously informing and collaborating with the community, PANAXEA truly understands what it needs.

Join us for the soft launch of RotterdamTech.City on July 12 at Spaces Hofplein from 5pm. It’s promising to be an evening full of innovators, entrepreneurs, and everything tech, so make sure to get your tickets.

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