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Contrary to how we often feel early in the morning, or after our evening commute, energy actually breathes energy. And those endorphins sure do feel good. I don’t know about you, but despite how energized i feel after exercise  it’s really hard to remember the buzz i felt when i’m trying to psych myself up for the next stint of fitness.

Mind Matters

Trying to get your head around the fact that exercise not only gives you a healthy body but also a healthy mind is a bit of a weird one. Because, well, it takes motivation. And time. And effort, and that just causes extra stress. When you’ve been racing round like a headless chicken; smashing deadlines and looking after your kids, exercise is the last thing on your mind. Getting into the right mindset of ‘fitness’ in order for fitness to help achieve the right ‘mindset’ seems like a catch 22. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Although the initial change to your routine might be hard to get used to, you’ll slowly (but surely) see and feel the benefits. If you’re feeling better in yourself, you’re going to perform better at work. Energy breathes energy and success follows energy.

Baby thoughts and baby steps

Rewind your memory back to when you were a baby. It’s hard isn’t it, but i think we can agree that it was probably  more of  a peaceful time. Less worry, less stress and just genuinely less hectic. Yeah you might not get your food when you want it, or the attention you needed at the time you wanted it, but welcome to the adult world, eh? Just with everything else mounted on top of it.  Taking baby steps into the world of running will help you regain that time that was a little more peaceful. Adding a 20 minute jog to your day is a chance for you to de-stress and let your train of thoughts leave the station.

The holy trail

Being a firm believer in practice what you preach, I indeed went on a 2-mile run last night,  after having a 2 year break from any exercise whatsoever. And although slow, i ensured i made note of how i felt before and after. With an hours commute home, and a burning hatred for public transport, the thought of stepping out in the rain was unbelievably unappealing. Off I went. Once i’d stopped panting like a dehydrated dog I was actually pleasantly surprised at how rewarding it was once i shook of the post-run hot flush. I didn’t look good (surprise) but I definitely felt it. It’s also an opportunity to explore routes that you wouldn’t usually cross.  Practice makes perfect, which makes running  the holy grail.

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