The Power of Instagram

Timothy Van Laar, SetWeb, Spaces Vijzelstraat

Spaces Vijzelstraat hosted an interactive breakfast workshop presented by tenants SetWeb, on how to harness the power of Instagram. The informative meeting explained the scope and possibilities of Instagram, demonstrating how to harness the power of the world’s fastest growing social media network in order to boost online business presence. The two presenters, Lucas Ribeiro and Timothy Van Laar, gave a humorous and engaging talk covering some of the app’s basics, including hashtagging, geolocation and original content creation, as we as some of the more intricate details regarding user engagement, campaign building and copyright.

Guests enjoyed a full continental breakfast catered by the Vitam team, whilst learning the tricks and tips of visual storytelling. Several of the guests in attendance were invited to become part of the presentation by offering their professional experiences of brand promotion, advertisement and user content generation. Guests from HEMA and CitizenM offered their insights into the social media tool and the best way to utilise the app for bolstering business. While seventy million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day, this unrivalled phenomenon is an engine with the power to optimise your business exponentially.

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Check out our gallery of the event below.

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