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Talks, Drinks, &TEDx

TEDxAmsterdam 2015, Big Ideas

TEDxAmsterdam’s annual events are always jam-packed with inspirational talks, interesting people, and ideas that can change the world. Now, their speakers are coming to us.

Origami 2.0

Mandy Smith is an Amsterdam based paper artist. She started out in the advertisement business, but after the recession hit she needed something else to do. As it turned out, paper was the go-to craft to get into. It’s a whole new level of paper mastery from what people are used to seeing from paper arts, such as origami.


Her work features some massively impressive and avant-garde paper projects, from sending her art into space, creating a life-sized traveling guillotine that she brought to exhibits, to carefully crafting paper vaginas to raise awareness for-, and bringing an end to female genital mutilation. Her work is not always SFW, but fighting for what you believe in usually isn’t.

Making the difference

Raphael Rodan is a storyteller who grew up in Israel, and is the co-founder of ‘The International School for Storytelling and Peace’. He is a speaker for TEDxAmsterdam, who strives to unite.

Growing up surrounded by stories of war, separation and the demonization of the other, my aim as a teacher, workshop leader and performer is to use the power of stories for the opposite, namely to bring people together in the search for our shared humanity.”
– Raphael Rodan.

This quote pretty much sums up Raphael’s incentives, and at the same time captures the value of his words. In uncertain times, it’s talks like these that make all the difference.

Inspiration with a view

The rest of the speakers will be kept a secret, but one thing is certain: It won’t disappoint you. When TEDxAmsterdam is willing to share some of its speakers for your event, you make the absolute most of it. That’s what we thought when we planned TEDxAmsterdam&Spaces’ Talks and Q&A on May 17th. We’ve arranged for it to take place on our lovely Rooftop at Vijzelstraat, so get your tickets, and  be prepared for some amazing views and impressive talks.

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