Talking Financial Disruption

Amsterdam Talks Tech: The FinTech Edition

We talked financial disruption in the tech space this week during our 7th Edition of Amsterdam Taks Tech. Our guest speakers were Renz Millenaar, founder and CEO of Daalder, Nick Bortot, founder and CEO of BUX, Don Ginsel of Holland Fintech, and Marcel Roelants of Bitpay EMEA.

Are you brave enough to receive your entire salary in bitcoin? Which players are in the best position in the financial industry? Who will dominate the most in the fintech race? Who will be the biggest winners and losers out of big banks and startups? How do you keep your active users engaged? Is fintech innovative enough to outrun the hacker scene? Our guests posed these challenging questions to our speakers via the Superevent app, as well as taking audience polls on future trends and innovation.

A platform for startups and scale ups

Amsterdam Talks Tech is a platform for startups and established companies to discuss business issues and offer their own perspectives on the challenges they face in their respective fields. This dynamic evening of short docs and clips, inspiring chats in a great ambience, and the replenishment of great food and drinks is a great evening for budding and established entrepreneurs alike. This event is hosted by Spaces together with its partners Rabobank, Sprout and Amsterdam in Business.

Check our events page for updates on the upcoming edition in June.

Amsterdam Talks Fintech // April 19, 2016 from Spaces. on Vimeo.

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