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Spaces Spotlight on: Mobike’s Hunab Moreno

Sharing is caring, and in some cases it’s also the future. This certainly applies for Mobike, an app-based bike sharing platform that’s literally changing the street views where it’s active. Not only does it allow users to handily move around in inner-city areas, it does so with great coverage and zero emissions.  We had a chat with Hunab Moreno, Country Manager at Mobike Spain and member at Spaces.

Can you tell us about your business and what you do?

Founded in Beijing in 2015, Mobike was based on the dream of changing the world through technology by solving inner city mobility challenges. Having expanded across the globe, we now own over 9 million bicycles in 19 countries. One of these countries is Spain, where we own around 4000 bicycles. When we first came here in June 2018, we launched in Madrid and included the Barcelona Metropolitan area and Zaragoza shortly after. During our Barcelona launch, we first started working from Spaces [email protected] with a small team of three. Soon after, we decided to expand our Madrid business to Spaces Atocha. Over the next few months, we hope to keep on expanding to even more cities and Spaces – creating a radical change in the way people move around in these cities.

Could you share your professional journey?

My professional career started when I was working as a Live Sound Engineer, touring with various bands across venues throughout Spain and Europe. I then slowly started working in event management, beginning a few projects of my own within the industry. In 2015, I moved to London where I took my first steps in the startup world at Deliveroo.
Shortly after, I launched and led the company’s operations in Barcelona. After successfully scaling up, I moved on to a bigger challenge as our Head of Operations in Singapore. It was in Singapore where I first saw Mobike, and witnessed the radical change it was causing in the way people moved around first-hand. When I met and chatted with the local team, we found that this was a great opportunity for me to set up Mobike Spain.

What inspires and motivates you on a daily base?

My main inspiration and motivation is to leave behind a better world than I inherited. It’s what wakes me up feeling energised every morning. I believe that for the first time ever, the whole world faces a challenge that can only be solved if we all work together. Initiatives like Mobike provide a great example of the changes that are happening in many cities around the world. These solutions create an incredibly positive impact that helps tackling one of the world’s largest issues to date – pollution.

What makes Spaces a great fit for you?

Having started several projects across different countries, I’ve gotten familiar with many different working spaces and the advantages and disadvantages they bring. With Mobike, I chose Spaces for the versatility it provides – you have the private office spaces where you work with full privacy and no distractions, and then there’s the business club where you work in Spaces’ extensive network. Launching a new business requires this sort of versatility, and being able to work from any major city’s Business Area is a big plus in this early stage of hyper growth.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve got for others?

We spend about a third of our lives at work. Because of this, the fine line between our work and personal life is fading. Even more so in the start-up community, where we are required to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere. In this scenario, knowing what we want to do, what we want to achieve with our lives, and having a vision to work towards are essential to avoid becoming carried away to an uncertain future with a lot of working hours. Find a job at a company that aligns with your vision, so that you can truly transform your days and make it work.

Gotten curious about Mobike? Check them out right here, or meet them at one our Spanish Spaces. 

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