Spaces presents Lecture: inspiring masterclasses on intriguing topics

Nowadays, work isn’t just about fancy office perks and making bank, anymore. We want to be inspired, gain more knowledge and learn new things. We love to educate ourselves, grow personally and professionally, and be engaged. We want to stay on top of global trends and news updates, from life-changing developments in the world of tech up to the effects of climate change on our daily lives, and more. But with our busy work- and social life, staying on top of these trends can be quite challenging.

Well, good news: from this February on, Spaces presents a brand-new event called Lecture. A 50-minute masterclass taught by the best experts in the field. What will we talk about? That’s the beauty: about all sorts of topics. From big data to North Korea, from robotics to art history and from ethics to emotional intelligence. On average twelve lectures a year, a different discipline every month.

Your monthly dose of knowledge and inspiration

What can we learn from Da Vinci’s today, about his innovative way of working? How come North-Korea’s oppressive regime still stands after all these years? And how do you recognise a forged art masterpiece? Lecture will give you answers to questions like that. It inspires thousands of employees every month, with the knowledge and insights of experts in various fields.

Lecture #1: North Korea – Feb 4th

The very first lecture at Spaces will be about the intriguing country of North-Korea. How did the Kim ‘dynasty’ come to power and how has it been able to function for so long? Professor Remco Breuker gives a unique insight into the incredible system that was set up to take a whole country hostage, where other oppressive communist regimes, such as in Eastern Europe, all collapsed after a few decades. Breuker is a Professor of Korean Studies and Chair of the Korean Studies Department at the University of Leiden. He is also Director of the Leiden Asia Centre.

Lecture #2: American Elections – March 3rd

With what brilliant rhetorical techniques does a campaign convince a voter to vote? And how much money do you need and how in the world do you spend it? The second lecture is all about political campaigning in the States and will give insights into these disciplines. Victor Vlam is a guest lecturer at the UvA and Tilburg University and author of the book ‘Thinking as Donald Trump’. As an America expert, he is often a guest at (Dutch tv and radio like:) EenVandaag, Editie NL, 5 Uur Live, RTL Z and Radio 1 en 2.

The presidential elections are only next year, but President Trump and the 24 democratic challengers are already in full campaign mode. During the lecture, Victor Vlam shows how the campaign is being conducted in the US. He worked for the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012 and gives you a peek behind the scenes.

Lecture #3: Leonardo da Vinci – April 7th

Leonardo da Vinci. An Italian painter, inventor, writer, architect, mechanical engineer – what not? He is known for his famous, influential Renaissance paintings, like the Mona Lisa, and his detailed designs for airplanes. But, aside from his inventive and artistic side, he was also an excellent observer. This lecture will be given by Professor Kwakkelstein, the director of the Netherlands University Institute for Art History in Florence and professor of art history specializing in the Renaissance. He will provide insight into Da Vinci’s way of working and show how innovation is primarily the result of constantly being curious and wanting to improve the existing.

Don’t miss out

So, buckle up for a series of 5 monthly inspiring, powerful lectures about fascinating topics, starting this February at the Spaces Amstel location. All given by carefully selected high-profile experts and professors. The first lecture is on February 4th and starts right after work. Join us in the atrium on the ground floor at 5.30 sharp and tune in for 50 minutes of inspiring new knowledge. Tickets costs 12,50 euro for members and 15 euro for a regular ticket, including drinks. Will we see you there?

Save your spot and buy your tickets here.

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