Up & Coming Spaces Locations in February 2018

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In January, we’ve celebrated the openings of all kinds of beautiful new locations all across the world. The newest additions to the Spaces family include the first ever Finnish location and many more. Luckily, February will be no different in that aspect, as we’ll be opening five beautiful and shiny new locations across four continents. From one of the most historically significant cities in the Mediterranean, to one of Hollywood’s favourite locations for filming that quintessential LA-landscape, we’ve always got a place where you can do your work. Here’s what we’ve got in the making.

Culver City, Los Angeles

Culver City is one of those areas you’ve probably seen on Netflix, TV, or during a visit to the movie theatre. Home to all the big movie producers, the area surrounding Spaces Culver City is a great place to wander around and to take in all the wonderful views of the city (or of wandering celebrities of course). Being a part of Los Angeles county, and only a stone’s throw away from downtown Los Angeles itself provides you with a great place to set up your business. Combine this with easy access to the great Los Angeles area by driving your car across the famous Venice Boulevard car or by taking the metro, and you’ve got a perfect set up for your business.

Perimeter, Atlanta

Atlanta is buzzing! And we should know, because Spaces Perimeter will be the fourth location opening in the greater Atlanta area, and the third within city limits. Located on an award winning campus in one of the most impressive business hubs in the region, Perimeter is  sure to reward your networking efforts and boost your business. Dive right into the community of startups and Fortune 500 businesses and give your business the place where it can thrive. Besides having a great entrepreneurial climate, the surrounding neighbourhoods offer a wide variety of signature restaurants and shopping malls to help you relax after a hard day’s work.

Vila Olímpia, Sao Paulo

As of this month, Sao Paulo isn’t home to just one Spaces location, it’s home to two locations. Hello Spaces Vila Olímpia!  Located at the very heart of Vila Olímpia, a prestigious area known for housing the Brazilian offices of global leaders in IT, it puts your business at the perfect place for growth and success. Vila Olímpia is also close to the Faria Lima business district and the fine dining, boutiques and elegance of the Jardins neighbourhood. Taking a business relation to one the French bistros or traditional sushi restaurants is sure to leave an impression that lasts.

50 Long Street, Cape Town

For Spaces in South Africa, Spaces 50 Long Street is our lucky number seven. And we’re going full-out in creating an artsy, contemporary place that doesn’t just serve as a workspace, but also as a beacon of creativity. The large areas dedicated to promote the open feel of the building, are sure to boost interactions among community members in a relaxed and care-free setting. The areas surrounding 50 Long Street offer some of Cape Town’s best shops and most authentic experiences. You’ll find the best South Africa has to offer, from exotic foods, great coffee and backpacker’s lodges, to African craft markets. All things considered, 50 Long Street is sure to give your business the creative atmosphere you’ve always looked for.

Ermou, Athens

It’s official, with Spaces Ermou we’re opening our very first location in the beautiful country that is Greece. Needless to say, Athens just breathes history. And the building for our newest location is no different. Besides the beautiful architecture, the interior provides a great place to do your business.  It’s located in Athens’ main shopping street, which connects the Syntagma Square to the Kerameikos archeological site. Just the walk up to Spaces Ermou makes you feel the lively history of the city, as you’re never far from the Greek Acropolis, providing your business with one of the most unique locations imaginable.

Can’t find the location you’re looking for in this list? Take a look at our locations page and find your nearest Spaces. 

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