Spaces is moving into the Chrysler Building, it doesn’t get more iconic.

When you think of New York, you think of all those skyscrapers that make up the skyline of Manhattan. One of the most, or perhaps thé most, is the beautiful Chrysler Building. Well-known because of it’s shape and size but mostly because of the art-deco finishing giving it an uncanny allure and appeal. It was built in the 1920s, and has made an undeniable mark on the Manhattan skyline since. Spaces is proud to announce that we’re moving in offering our offices and workspots for those who feel that the sky is the limit. We feel like kids with a shiny bright toy, albeit it the biggest shiny toy ever. It’ll be the biggest Spaces in NYC to date, for Chrysler’s sake.

New Amsterdam

For Spaces, as an Amsterdam born company, it’s even more special to open in the Chrysler Building and to have so many locations in New York. A city that is connected to Amsterdam historically as it was once called New Amsterdam. Discovered by the Dutch, the island we now know as Manhattan was once claimed to be part of Holland and later traded with the British for the country of Surinam.  The Brits then changed the name from New Amsterdam to New York. Funnily enough, you’ll find evidence of its former Dutch influence in many things; for example New Yorkers talk about the pavement when they mention the stoop (from the Dutch word stoep), the word cookie comes from the Dutch koekje. Even the names of some of the boroughs are from the Dutch cities, Brooklyn comes from the town Breukelen, Harlem from Haarlem and  The Bronx too. Many more examples can be found here.

To all the five boroughs

Of course, New York City is so much more than just Manhattan and the Chrysler Building, it has five boroughs that all have their own characteristics.  To showcase where Spaces can be found in the city that never sleeps, we’ve made this video to showcase our portfolio. Not all locations are open  just yet, some are expected to open later this year. Want to make it in New York? Go find yourself a spot at a Spaces near you.

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