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Smart sport: aid your performance.


There’s an art to refining any skill; be it musical instrument, concentration or your halfpipe landing.  In a life where  technology aids our daily routine so easily, surely we’re only moments away from mastering technology that can help us achieve our sporting goals more quickly and efficiently.

Every milimeter really does count.

The pressures of training can be hard. Whether you’re training for a personal best , or just to keep fit, there are a number of strains that you may face.  When your personal trainer is constantly screaming down your ear, or you’re having a battle with yourself because you can’t see where you’re going wrong, it would be ideal for  ‘something else’ to do the talking. That’s when ventures like the SmartSuit take things to a whole other level. And how proud we should be, that Samsung, the brain boxes behind such a creation trialled it on The Netherlands very own Olympians.  Hats off (or should we say suits?) to Sjinkie Knegt (1500m, silver) and Suzanne Schulting (3000m relay, gold) who gave us a taste that the mixture of drive, determination, skill and technology, is most certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Head in the game.

Practise makes perfect, but also makes for tedious learning. That’s why Halo, a US company has devised a pair of headphones that encourages brain stimulation to make repetition learning a little better. The phrase get your head in the game gets thrown around a lot in sport, but other than being uttered as words of encouragement and a tip to focus, no company has really endeavoured into the realms of making it a reality. The Halo headphones encourage our neurons to work to their maximum, encouraging neurons to form through means of practise meaning you can adapt to a movement faster.

A vision of hope.

Refining a skill that you’ve been training so hard for on top of your daily routine can be stressful, but just how much do we take for granted? Imagine having something that comes so naturally taken away from you. Something as simple as walking. Usually we associate VR for gaming but recently its benefits have exceeded our expectation. Virtual reality is now being used as a form of rehabilitation in order to to teach paraplegics to regain partial sensation in their limbs. The science behind all of this is really rather insane.

The advancements in technology can be a little daunting, and can sometimes detract to focus of what it takes to be human. What’s important to remember though, is that non of these advancements could become reality if it wasn’t for the dedication in research and the drive and determination shown by the athletes using them.

Join us to learn a little more about the way the tech world of sport is going at our next edition of TalksTech.



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