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Sleep Your Way to Better Focus

Sleeping is becoming the new way to better living. Many studies have shown that at least 8 hours of proper sleep, will lead to better health, both physically and mentally. But it’s not just that long sleep stretch that will make you feel better, the powernap has also proven it’s worth.


It has been scientifically proven that a nap of just 20 minutes can improve your concentration, creativity and will make you feel more relaxed. It will give you a recharged feeling, a feeling that we sometimes all look for during busy and draining days.  Why just 20 minutes? Because then you won’t enter a full sleep cycle, but do get the advantages of rest.

Recharge Room

At Spaces we believe in innovation in the workplace by offering the best circumstances so you can focus on your business. Therefore we’ve joined forces with COCO-MAT to create the COCO-MAT Recharge Room. A room that has been fully furnished with the luxurious COCO-MAT day beds, bedlinnen and their famous pillow menu, all made of natural materials.

You can either take a nap, meditate or just relax during the COCO-MAT Simply Recharge (30 min), COCO-MAT Complete Recharge (60 min) or during the COCO-MAT Sleepcycle Recharge (1,5 hour).

We invite you to experience our innovative COCO-MAT Recharge Room and listen to inspiring stories around powernaps and meditation on the 8th of September at  Spaces Vijzelstraat Amsterdam. The Recharge Room is bookable from 30 minutes onwards.

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