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Slashing the stereotype in Mexico

Contrary to the images that Hollywood films paint of Mexico, The country really knows how to put in  the graft. In fact the country is very hard-working and breaks most of the stereotypes the globe holds against them.

In the now

Life in Mexico is all about utilising the present, so if your tendencies lay grovelling and dwelling on last weeks f*ckup, or your mind wanders at the shudder of what next week entails, then you’ve got some work to do. From family life to work life, the culture operates in a manner that gets things done.

A long day ahead

Contrary to the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy, their working day is considerably longer than that of other countries. In fact they have the longest working day in the world.  In total, combining both paid and unpaid work, they work an astonishing 10 hours a day. This rakes up 15 more hours a week than people in Belgium and France.  Considering people are quick to associate a ‘Siesta‘ with our fellow Mexican friends, it’s quite interesting that their dedication to the working world connotes this concept the least. Financial demands leave many residents working more than one job, and that’s on top of maintaining life at home.

Power to the Señoritas

In recent years, Mexico has welcomed more women into the working world, increasing to 62% active in hard labour. Although increasing, this is still one of the lowest in the world.  Government restrictions and spendings do put women at a disadvantage though, so it comes as no surprise that there are fewer women active in the working world. Limited to only 12 weeks maternity leave, it’s very hard to maintain childcare, as well as a job.  This means that women are at a disadvantage in being able to secure a second job, unlike many males.

So what will it be? A sombrero or a poncho? Well, either are welcomed with open arms at our location in Mexico City and the stereotyping will be left outside.

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