Signs your office is hurting your productivity

Having cramped, dingy offices where the printer machines sound like thunder and the air is so warm it becomes almost sticky to feel, twinned with pressurised work lives, is only a recipe for disaster. It has generally been accepted that poorly designed spaces can have a negative impact on wellbeing and health, which in turn affects workers’ productivity. Here’s some top tips on improving your office to make sure you’ve got a happy, healthy workforce all year round.


Sometimes, all we need is the air that we breathe to ensure we’re on our game. Often overlooked, air quality is a huge contender in worker productivity and overall satisfaction with both their job and office. Offices can get stuffy, but opening the windows can bring in traffic fumes and noise from outside.

The flip side is that keeping windows closed all year round causes a drop in air quality, which in turn also has an adverse effect on employees. Breathing the same, stuffy air all day, every day causes lower oxygen levels, which in turn leads to headaches and fatigue. Ensuring that there’s a good air conditioning unit that gets serviced regularly, can fix these problems, and in turn boost productivity.


Just kidding. But it’s important to have a balance between the amount of communal space, and space where employees can find some time to themselves, either to work privately or make a phone call.

Open place offices are fantastic for encouraging discussions and collaborations, as well as providing a more relaxing atmosphere. But they’re also very loud. Our suggestion? Put some office pods in the office. These secluded havens can provide a quiet space for workers to make important phone calls, interviews, and hide away from the rest of the world for a little bit. You can find out more about the phone booths and meeting rooms we offer here.


The general layout and design of an office is important – remember, you want people to want to come to work. Dark, cramped spaces with scarce natural lighting, few furnishings, and walls that haven’t felt the touch of a brush in many moons can have a strong, negative impact on its inhabitants. Decluttered offices that look bright and refreshing can help reduce stress and boost creativity.


The minimalist look might be good for the ‘gram, but it’s not exactly homely. Between improving the design of the office and making your employees feel like they’re at their home away from home, balance must be found. Rather than creating a barren, white landscape that happens to have chairs and phones, don’t forget to throw in some plants, art, and cool things to just look at. Encourage your workers to decorate their desks, so it becomes an environment that’s comfortable for them.


At Spaces, we understand the importance of a well-designed office. We want to ensure that you feel relaxed and stress free every time you step into a Spaces office. You can find out more about the services we offer here.

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