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Solar Energy

When you’re in the market for solar panels, either because it’s cheaper in the long run or because you want to save the planet, prices or a lack of placement space may be the reason you’re holding back. What if there was a way around a lack of space or those expensive, initial costs for using solar energy?

A mission towards the sun.

WeShareSolar (or Zonnepanelendelen in Dutch) is a company with a mission. One that does not only make solar energy more available for every household, but also makes it more affordable. It works like making an investment; You and others invest a certain amount of money through a crowdfunding campaign, which the company then uses to fund the project of your choice. In return you either receive a discount on your power bills, or annual interest rates at the end of the year. It’s as easy as that. By working like this, We Share Solar offers a different and interesting way to save the planet. The best part? Once the project is done, you get your investment back. So you’ve not only saved money, you’ve made money.

The right fit.

You can choose to invest locally, or invest in a project that you believe works best. For example, if you’re a huge football fan, you can choose to invest in solar panels mounted on top of the stadium. Or choose to invest in solar panels on top of your children’s school. It are just a few examples, but the possibilities are limitless. And the risk is low; if a project fails to receive enough funding, you get your deposit back so you can choose another.

Accelerated to greatness.

WeShareSolar is one of many great start-ups that joined Rockstart’s Smart Energy Accelerator. Having been through the process, the company’s entrepreneurial vision got perfected, and is now running strong. It’s not just a great idea that becomes a great business, it’s entrepreneurial vision, understanding of scalability, and finding the right fit for a great idea that skyrockets a vision into greatness.

Who would’ve thought crowdfunding your own solar panels would become a real option? WeShareSolar’s Sven Pluut thought so! And we’re very happy to welcome him at Amsterdam Talks Tech: Smart Energy edition. Join us at Spaces Herengracht on June 15 from 6pm. Make sure to get your tickets here!

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