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The rise of direct-to-consumer sales


More and more companies are cutting out the middleman when it comes to selling their products. Selling directly to customers is gaining momentum as e-commerce continues to grow, and people are discovering the benefits of shopping through their smartphone.

Fast, easy, and convenient.

The huge rise in online shopping caused by mobile sales created new opportunities for manufacturers. Before online shopping became as convenient as it is today, customers largely depended on resellers to have products available. But now manufacturers are selling their own products, and people start feeling a stronger connection to the brand instead of to the store selling it. So, instead of taking the time looking for a shop that sells their favourite brands, people just visit the brand’s direct website instead. Plain and simple.

The new customer experience.

A company that sells directly to customers also has no need to depend on external resellers for maintaining a brand relationship, creating an independent company that can get creative when it comes to creating a customer experience. Through the smart use of chatbots for advice, tons of customer reviews, and customer data provided by shopping behaviour and customer feedback, gaining new insights becomes easy. And it doesn’t stop there. Improvements made to create a better customer experience, also create an even stronger relationship to the brand.

Staying ahead of the flock.

With lots of large companies already embracing this strategy, it’s becoming vital for small retailers to keep up. Brick-and-mortar retail might have the reputation for being a dangerous world to own a business in, the same applies for online brands that stop innovating. Creating a smooth experience, building a relationship, and maintaining that relationship is not a luxury, it’s the future.

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