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Making new connections is as simple as plugging in.

Meet new people without leaving the office.

Beautifully designed workspaces created to facilitate new connections.

Whether you’re mind-mapping, meeting, collaborating or crunching numbers, the designer desks, tables, sofas, super-fast wifi and informal meeting areas provide the perfect place for every business need. So even if you want a quiet desk Monday to finalise the details of your plan, a large table Tuesday to coordinate with your team, a lunch table Wednesday to meet a new client, and a cozy coffee corner the rest of the week to vet potential candidates — Spaces has all the spaces you’ll need.

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Members enjoy worldwide access during office hours to all Spaces business clubs. Lockers are available, so you can safely tuck away your jacket and gym bag before finding the day’s workspace at a quiet table or at the centre of the action in our social heart. If you just want a little more space to stretch out,book a meeting room for a few hours or the whole day. Wondering how to field your phone calls while working in such a public area? We’ve thought of that too – just duck into a phone booth to keep the content of your calls private and avoid disturbing others.

Prefer your own desk in a shared space? Choose a dedicated desk where you can work with the devotion and concentration your projects require.

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What really makes Spaces unique is the community we’ve worked to cultivate.

Start up a conversation while you wait for your coffee or introduce yourself over lunch, and you may just find a partner for your next big venture. Or download the Spaces app to help you find a member or book a room for your meeting. The energy of the Spaces community is contagious – and even if you don’t find a new business associate, you may find a new friend. Add an international network of mobile workspaces and a full calendar of business events, speakers and networking lunches, and you’ll see just how hard Spaces works to keep you engaged. At Spaces we believe that a cultural program of events enriches your work-life experience.

Dedicated Desk

Dream offices even if you don't like offices.

At Spaces we offer offices for companies of all sizes. Even if your company is limited to one, and when actually all you need is your own desk for your desktop computer and screen. We have the custom solution for you, something we like to call the dedicated desk. An office shared with others, with your own personal desk. It even comes with a cupboard, locker and those small little post-its we know you like. Of course, we are not forgetting internet and 24-hour access. Because we understand that some work should not be limited by business hours.

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Company Membership

The Spaces Company Membership will help you get down to business, whenever you want and whenever you need to. The Company Membership is created for companies of four people or more.

Once you’ve signed on for a Spaces Company Membership your team will get full access to our custom app. With a simple tap with your finger you can check-in at any Spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. After check-in you’ll get full access to the WiFi networks as well as the full program of events. Subscription fee is €50.- per month, you pay per use, which is €19.50 per person per workday. Company membership is only available in the Netherlands.

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Worldwide access

during office hours to all Spaces business clubs.

Tailored rental terms

so you can have dedicated space with flexibilty.

Super-fast wifi

to make your global connectivity possible whenever you need.


with access to events and like-minded people.


including reception and optional mail handling.

Barista coffee

to keep you fueled up and ready to work.



Depending on the location, we distinguish several prices for our memberships:

  • Amsterdam / The Hague / Rotterdam
    €225,- / Month
  • London from
    £345,- / Month
  • New York from
    $350,- / Month
  • Melbourne from
    $350,- / Month


We have special plans and prices for corporations. Looking for flexible work spaces for your company employees? This is what you need.

What our members say about us

“Spaces gives me the freedom to work in different surroundings without having to leave the building. The beautiful ambiance makes me feel at home at work. It gives my colleagues and me the energy to walk that extra mile.”

Spaces supports professionals and entrepreneurs in every possible way. They offer beautiful, spacious offices and meeting rooms at an attractive price. Their corporate and stylish interior is also warm and dynamic, thanks to the help of the energetic staff of Spaces. For me as an entrepreneur, this is a unique workplace to work and grow my business.

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