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Open Up for New Things this Summer

Summer is here, well at least that’s what our calendar tell us. Summertime is a period when people unwind, relax and often reflect. A time when business is less busy thus making time to take stock of the things in your life.

Create Actions

Taking some time off to go on holiday or just spending some more time at home, can help you re-asses your professional life. What are the aspects that make you happy, productive and give you energy? What are the aspects that you’d like to change? Make a list for yourself, see how the balance is between the positives and the negatives. Then take those negatives and re-write them into actions. For example, if a negative point is “too many emails in my inbox”, re-write this into an action “send less email, pick up the phone more.” Because if you change your behaviour others will pick up on this.

Act on your actions

Once you’ve written your negatives into actions, start thinking about new actions. Seize the moment of the quiet time and open yourself up to new and exciting things. Always wanted to write a book? Start with blogging first. Always wanted to learn a new language? Why not learn how to write code, or Chinese or French; whichever, as long as you actually do it.
Set deadlines to each individual deadline, put them in your agenda and stick to them.

Feel like new

Apart from the actions, do something new, something different. Go kitesurfing, try bikram yoga and take up DJ  lessons to scratch like a pro. Anything that gives you an outlet. Take from this experience anything that helps you to feel energised and fired up. Open yourself up and you’ll feel like new.


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