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7 Reasons to Network and chill.

network at a coworking space

All the cool kids are doing it. And honestly, so should you.  Some consider networking the root of all evil or just an evil that is necessary, but in all fairness none of that is true. Why shouldn’t you be utilising something that can provide you with free opportunities, jobs and new insights? Here’s why you too should just give into the wonderful world of network and chill.

1. Because it gets you the jobs you want

There’s a reason LinkedIn is the social platform of choice for most entrepreneurs. It’s basically Tinder for professionals, providing many opportunities to collaborate, and to find both short and longterm jobs and colleagues. And we sure do like to swipe right when it comes to finding new opportunities.

2. Because networking lets you be found

For any type of business, but for SMEs in particular, ensuring that a business is found can be a hard to grasp concept. Whether it’s digital with keywords, or in real life, standing out from the crowd can be very difficult. That’s where networking comes in. When it comes to making a decision to hire, receiving good word of mouth from a trusted connection can seal the deal faster than any alternative can.

3. Because free advice is priceless

In today’s day and age, knowledge is power. Especially when that knowledge comes from a trusted and professional source. The more of those you meet through a solid networking session, the easier it becomes to ask for advice.

4. Because working is just more fun together

Most of the times, that is. Granted, it all depends on the task you’re working on and the people you’re doing it with. But most of the time there’s just a lot of fun to be had when working with a preferred partner in crime. Sometimes, your one-employee business can do with a little company.

5. Because it gives a confidence boost

Meeting new people in a professional setting can be quite intimidating, that’s why going to networking events can be so valuable. Practice does really make perfect, so the more networking you do, the easier it becomes. And, in time, the easier it becomes to reap the benefits of what you sow.

6. Because it gives us a reason to socialise.

At Spaces we generally love drinks. Like, a lot. But that’s not just because we’re all such fans of hangovers, but also because the drinks offer us even more social events that let us meet new people in our community.  That is a great excuse to have more drinks. Magic.

7. Because it’s fun

Besides the obvious upsides, it’s also highly important to just go out there and to have fun meeting people. You never know what may happen if you talk to someone. You may just meet your next big business opportunity or make a friend that’ll last you a lifetime. Everything’s possible, that’s the magic of a great network and chill session.

At Spaces, it’s truly easy to rev up your networking skills. Dig into any of our networking events and experience it for yourself. We’ve got networking drinks, speed networking sessions and all kinds of other events created specifically for meeting new people. Check out our events page to find your nearest events right here. 

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