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Music: the best medicine in the world

People may not think of music as a form of medication, but if we look at the facts and the results caused by that listening to music and playing an instrument, it does have quite similar positive effects.

State of Mind

For example, listening to music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. This makes you feel happy and benefits your life enormously. Also, music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves. When you’re listening to faster beats it encourages the brain to be more alert and think more concentrated. Next to that, music has the power to improve your state of mind. This is shown by a study that required participants to listen to music for 1 hour over a period of 7 days. As a result feelings of pain, depression and disability related to chronic back, neck and joint pain were reduced excessively.

Boost your brain

Research (Randstad Research) shows that employees become more productive (71%) when listening to music and more than half of the employees (61%) work faster. It also improves the ambiance between co-workers, which results in a nicer work atmosphere. This already sounds like a great reason to listen to music during work hours. But not only is listening to music great for your state of mind, playing an instrument can benefit your brain, team skills and concentration tremendously as well. Next to these perks, playing an instrument refines your time management and organizational skills, and it can even increase your memory. Reason enough to start jammin’, right?

This is what problem free sounds like

Also, when we look at the performance of employees facing difficult problems, they often get stuck as they’re usually focused on one task for too long and lose sight of how to fix the problem. This is where music comes in. Eureka moment researchers found that when a group is given a break to play an instrument or listen to music without distractions, it generates the most ideas. Solutions to problems will arise by focusing your mind on something else because your mind is open to new possibilities when you return to the original problem.

Gotten curious how music affects your mind? Visit our Music Room at Spaces Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam, to have a quick jam session between meetings to reduce stress, stimulate your brain and boost your organizational skills. We’re launching the Music Room during our Sound of Spaces Festival, where music and work come together. See you there on November 2nd!

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