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Music For Concentration and Focus

When you sit down behind your laptop, you might notice the light coming through the windows, the chatter of co-workers, the keystrokes on dashboards. Once you notice these things, you’re actually paying attention to it though not actively engaging with these actions.  This has a name, it’s called selective attention. It’s the ability to focus your attention on something while ignoring what’s going on around you. We would never get anything done without it.


Selective attention is like a beam of light, a narrow beam equals focus; a wider beam is when you’re open to other stimuli. Many people prefer to keep their light-beam narrow, in other words maximise their focus. But with open-space offices and co-working, the external distraction factors become stronger than ever, as your environment changes on a daily basis. Neuroscientists have found out that one of the strongest senses that lead to distraction, is sound.


It is for that reason that so many people choose to wear earphones in public to listen to music. Not because they are rude, but just because they want to focus. Because when you listen to music that you appreciate, you douse off that stimulant sense.  And that ensures that you keep focus.


At Spaces we believe in the power of music to heighten your focus. We’ve teamed up with the young and enthusiastic guys at Kollekt.fm to create several playlists for different parts of the day. Listen to the Spaces Music Channel to keep focus, wherever you decide to work that day.

Want to read more about the science of music and its relation to focus and productivity? Go to focus at will. 

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