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E-health Will Become Health: The Future of Medical

Renske de Bruine, Health Tech Entrepreneur, Amsterdam Talks Tech

Meet Renske de Bruine, senior strategist of MOUNT, the health app that allows doctors to inform their patients with the right information at the right time. Guest speaking at our next edition of Amsterdam Talks tech, Renske shares her thoughts on the future of tech in the health industry.

Spaces: Hi Renske, can you tell us about what you do?

Renske: I set out the strategy for MOUNT and I’m responsible for the day-to-day operation. With MOUNT we help to bring patients and Health providers closer together in making a medical decision.

Can you tell us about your background and how it lead you to where you are?

I have a background in new business development in IT and healthcare. Previously I worked for EFactor and Virtual Affairs.

What are some of the industry related apps and websites that impress you the most?

Good question.

1. Everything that has to do with blockchain technology. Such as The DAO: A flexible decentralised autonomous organisation leveraging the wisdom of the crowds to benefit the DAO Token Holders.

2. Scanadu is a mobile medical device company developing a human-centered suite of consumer products using science and technology to empower everyday life. Scanadu is a Silicon Valley-based company.

What are your thoughts on the future of tech and health? Which direction do you see it heading in?

E-health will be come Health. Technology will take a bigger and bigger role in Healthcare the coming years. It’s inevitable. The way we do banking on our phones or tablets is the same how we will consume health care. Doctors will still remain; you need still a doctor to help you with your broken leg. However the way we know health care dramatically change. And that’s for the best.

What companies do you look to for inspiration?

Companies outside healthcare. I use best practices from companies from other industries. I’ve learned it’s very important to listen to others.

What are your thoughts on the tech startup scene in Amsterdam?

There are a lot of tech start-ups and start-ups events in Amsterdam and The Netherlands at large. It seems the start-up scene is hot. I’ve learned that quite a lot of people use the word ‘start-up’ in a wrong way. A lot of people think when starting a company, they are in a start-up. That’s not correct. It makes me laugh. However, I do like this scene. It’s dynamic and energetic.  Everybody is open to share ideas and knowledge. I learn everyday.

What advice would you give to people aiming to integrate tech as a central component in their business?

Find a good CTO you can trust and can communicate with! It’s a rare breed. But if you look hard enough you may find them.

How did you startup and get into the health & tech industry?

Good question. By accident. I worked for Virtual Affairs previously. The company got sold and the department I was running with my colleague, which focussed on health care, they were shutting it down. I didn’t want to stop what I was doing. In a mutual agreement with Virtual Affairs, we decided that I could go on. It was a great way for me to start MOUNT software.|

What advice would you give others trying to crack this industry?

First thing’s first: People in healthcare have a lot of different hats on. Learn who is wearing which hat each time. Secondly, every deal you make, sign an agreement. Even when it is an internal ‘deal’.

Great, thanks Renske.

You can listen to Renske speak about starting up and integrating health and tech in ourAmsterdam Talks Tech VII: The Health Edition.

For a more detailed programme of the evening and to get your tickets, visit our events page here.

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