Let your business take off before you do.

For most business trips, rushing and worrying is part of the deal. Time is usually not on your side before you make it to the airport or into the train terminal. Whether it’s a traffic jam or a delayed train or bus slowing you down – it tends to happen when you least need it. And at that point you haven’t even  cleared check-in, passed security or survived the extensive boarding session.  With your patience in tact. Having your business set up near an airport is not just convenient if you’re planning to take things international. It’s a logical step.

Time means money

Before venturing around the world, taking care of the last pressing matters can be worrying for anyone who’s not a seasoned veteran of business trips. That’s why having a place that allows you to check the last things off your list, without having to worry about making it to the airport, adds value to your business. That’s because one of the key factors of achieving success, lies in proper time management. It goes without saying that a beneficial schedule eventually seeps through in your business’ results, as it allows you to fully focus on what’s at hand.

Side benefits

If you’re not much of a traveller yourself, your business might still benefit from being close to an airport. Besides the obvious benefits such as easy holiday-connections and great accessibility, there’s a lot more to consider. If you’re receiving visitors, airports are the perfect place to make them feel welcome from the get-go. It allows your relations to avoid the stress of finding an inner-city hotel, catch up on some sleep if necessary, and offering them the fastest and easiest way to get where they need to be. And because airports are so close to city centers, they can always explore when work is done.

An Airport office

Business tends to find an atmosphere that promotes it. No wonder most international airports turn into hubs for business as well.  Whether it are the global giants or local heroes causing it, airports are booming. Our upcoming location in the Netherlands, Spaces Schiphol Airport, allows any business to tap into the energy of one of Europe’s largest transport hubs. The convenient location allows you to get down to business right before you take off. Or if you’re not planning to travel anytime soon, to draw inspiration from the buzzing entrepreneurial climate.

Feeling inspired and ready to go global? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a tour of the building. You just might be setting your business up for takeoff.


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