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Lagom, Just right…

Although the UK has given the EU the boot, they’re building bridges closer to their neighbours more than ever. 2016 saw the British become enthralled by the Danish tradition of Hygge.  A word synonymous with cosy.  And for the Dutch, it’s almost as good as ‘gezellig’. The trend encouraged family and friends to come together, indulge on cinnamon buns and get toasty near the fire. Now it’s time for Lagom…

Out with the old in with the new

Hygge is great for the winter, but when the days are getting longer and warmer it’s all about maintaining the balance & maintaining the ethos of moderation, and the Swedish concept Lagom, is just that. With healthy eating and going green creeping to the top of everyone’s agenda, Lagom will inevitably make the jump too.

Don’t be fooled

It’s become pretty obvious that the last couple of years have seen the Brits become enthralled and obsessed with the Scandi lifestyle. A search for minimalism, tranquility and a maintainable lifestyle is admired, but is this really something that such a densely populated country who’re used to living hectic lifestyles can adhere to? The difference between Hygge and Lagom are quite significant, the former oozing a sense of indulgence, maybe easier to accommodate to for the British. The latter,  is a way of life that signifies achieving only what is required, so  this ‘new’ trend, isn’t a just a slight variation to Hygge, it’s an entirely different perspective on life. So if you’re daunted by change, maybe it’s not for you.

It’s productive

If you’re to live a ‘Lagom’ lifestyle, you’ll start noticing a number of changes around you. It’s about making little changes to achieve a big impact overall.  You know the saying ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’? Lagom is exactly that. The idea is encapsulated by being frugal. A little more focus and refining of your actions can go a long way.  If you take a bit of time to factor in some planning, be it around money, your day to day routine or even relationships, it could free up some time in the future.

Maintaining balance can be much harder than it seems.  If you achieve a healthy work/life balance then you’re halfway there which is why working at Spaces is a step closer to achieving Lagom. Check out our latest opening  in Liverpool.

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