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Keeping up with the culture

Any respectable entrepreneurs knows that when you start a company that will at a certain point have staff, you need to set up a company culture. This sets the ground rules for how people behave among and with each other.

Whose job is it anyway?

The founder needs to create a culture that fits their own personality,  this way it will reflect on the company. It’s easy to just say that your company stands for certain values but it has to be authentic. Authenticity is a word that is also very much a buzzword in creating company cultures, but if you really are true to oneself, then hey, there’s nothing wrong with using it. If you take authenticity as the foundation of a company culture, the founder needs to think about other things they value when in contact with others. Is it room for a lot of social talks during the day, or sports activities for social bonding, or is it Friday drinks with fun themes to keep the gang together? What codes of conduct fits me, us and the type of work that we do?

Time to share some tips

Here a few tips on how to create and most importantly, maintain a solid company culture.

  1. Be authentic
    As we already specified, when creating a company culture, make use that it’s a reflection of the founders’ personality, this is the only way you can be genuine.
  2. Be on top of it
    A pitfall is that once you’ve created a company culture, you forget to actually maintain it. There’s no i in team, so also founders/CEO’s must be on top of it keeping the culture alive.
  3. Try new things
    Any entrepreneur knows that they only way you’ll know if something will work is by just doing it. So don’t be afraid to try new things, introduce new activities or codes of conduct. If it doesn’t work, soit.

Why do you need a company culture?

Keeping your staff engaged is by ensuring a great social cohesion. When people feel comfortable in a company and with their coworkers, this reflects on how they do their job. So keep investing in your company and its culture, because internal retention is the best HR.

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