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How to Integrate Your Lifestyle in Your Work

Spaces members working and conversating in a coworking space, the Business club.

“You are what you do”; a commonly heard expression that describes the mindset of the contemporary working professional quite accurately. Working becomes less of a must and more a reflection of a way of life. Do you integrate the different aspects of your life in your work or vice versa?

Your job as an extension of yourself.

Or is the way that you live your life being dictated by your job? Actually it’s a bit of a chicken-and-the-egg situation. But the fact remains that the distinction between work and life is fading. Companies try to make work more fun and mobile devices make it easy to do some task while at home. The Dutch workforce responds well to this: sending out emails at 10 in the evening or finishing that newsletter on a free Saturday afternoon is no longer uncommon. More and more people are actually available for work-related things in the evening and on weekends by their own free will.

The work-as-lifestyle norm becomes commonplace and also works the other way around: family and friends get more involved as birthday parties become network events or platforms for business presentations. People do like to do business with people they know.

Taking your laptop on holiday.

The modern professional uses city trips as moments for new cultural experiences and renew their work energy flows. With people acting like locals in new cities as much as possible, they also don’t mind mixing business with pleasure. Because you can work anywhere. It’s actually the new way of working: the working vacation.

But how does that international workplace look like? Well, members of Spaces have it easy. They can walk and plug in at any Spaces location around the world. Want to discover the world together? Check out all our new and upcoming locations.

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