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How Wearable Tech is Influencing Our Health

wearable technology digital health

Personal technology is changing the ways in which we manage our health. With fitness, dietary and wellbeing apps firmly rooted in our daily lives, and new,  ever more innovative health apps being launched, health tech is on the rise.

Through gamification, small challenges help us stay motivated, and keep us on track to achieve our goals. Armed with the right health and fitness apps, it’s possible that getting healthier can be fun.

Wearables continue to drive what’s new in technology. The bulk of the wearables market concentrates on health and fitness, and that’s not likely to change, according to industry experts.

There’s even health technology for your down time. Sleep tracker Beddit Smart slips under the sheets and records data about breathing, heart rate, and movement to help analyse your slumber.

From popular apps and devices like Fitbit to programs that encourage friendly competition like Strava, we have fewer excuses not to jump on the digital health band wagon.

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