How to spice up your desk life.

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If there’s one thing that keeps our productivity from flowing, it’s clutter. Next to the fact that clutter is a pain to the eye, it also takes a lot of time when you cannot find certain items and worst of all: it effects your productivity negatively. Fortunately, it’s very easy to avoid clutter. Let’s see how to spice up your desk life.

Thank u, next

It’s time to declutter. One very popular way to do so at the moment, is to use the KonMari method from Marie Kondo. In case you’ve been living underneath your pile of clutter, Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning guru who saves people with cluttered lives by introducing the KonMari method to them. This method makes sure you don’t have any items in your house that do not spark joy. Right. Unfortunately, at your office this might be a little different, as the items that do not spark joy may be very valuable for your company, they might be high bills or you simple need to keep them. Yet it’s a good start to ask yourself if an item sparks joy. Try to collect all your valuable items and put them on a ‘certainly keep them’ pile. Now you can easily sort your items in different categories: books, papers, miscellaneous and sentimental items. According to the KonMari method, if you hold an item and it does not spark joy, you must thank it before letting it go. You have our permission to listen to Ariana’s hit song whilst doing this.

Think inside the box

Boxes. We love them. Usually we do our best to help you think outside the box, yet when it comes to spicing up your desk life, it’s quite a nice tool to help you organize. The multi-functional box will hold all your office supplies. From simple pens and scissors, to all your cluttered cords. A simple cord holder box will help your desk to look organized and is easily made by using an old shoe box if you don’t want to spend any money on it.


It’s important to have an overview. Whether this is from your week, your to-do list or your documents. This overview can be created by having a week-planner as mousepad, by having different post-its stuck to your computer screen or by putting a pin-up board on your wall, whatever works best for you. Also, your documents should be stored in a vertical position, this way you can easily access them and they can be ranked in importance.

When you’re all done with sparking joy and organizing your desk, it’s time to put in some fun and inspiring items. You can easily make your desk more attractive with a beautiful lamp or candle. Yet, a plant at the office, or your desk, can help increase your productivity and even has health benefits such as filtering the air and reduce sickness (read all about the benefits of plants at the office here). And to be frank, we think it looks quite nice.

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